About Us

Duck Rabbit

Taking a moment to reflect on some of our favourite projects from the recent past to consider why we’ve loved working on these projects.

We love data, which is why we’ve accumulated 2 decades worth of experience working with data in various fields. We’ve worked with data long enough now to appreciate that it is vital in today’s world. But, it is not the be-all and end-all. Which is why we like the duck/rabbit graph above. You can connect the dots (read: data) the same way, but it is your perspective that defines what it means to YOU. Is it a duck or a rabbit to you?

It is also what our logo represents. Bringing together the logical left hemisphere of the brain, with the creative right hemisphere, drawing on data to tell people’s stories.

How can Drawing on Data help you make more use of the data at your (and our) fingertips?

One of our favourite clients was one where we created data automation that saved the company a month’s worth of data entry per annum. To get to that point, we sifted through masses of information and spoke to those using the data, to come up with a viable solution. Along the way we uncovered one of their products had been underpriced significantly.  Most gratifying though was saving the sanity of the mechanical engineer that used to do the data entry!
We were also honoured to work with a financial adviser that specialises in clients facing financial difficulty. We created tailored data visualisation to make it easier for her to not just talk to, but show her clients the impact of extra repayments on the interest paid and time to repay a loan.
Another client we are working with currently is a corporate women’s group, where we are leveraging data to bring to life the group’s collective story on social media. We are also working on an image recognition prototype, to help preschool children improve their vocabulary.

The data is crucial in all of these projects, but it’s really the impact that it is having on our clients that gives us a buzz! That’s all from us for now (back to work!). Ask yourself, how can Drawing on Data help you make more use of the data at your (and our) fingertips?

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Data, I think, is one of the most powerful mechanisms for telling stories. I take a huge pile of data and I try to get it to tell stories.
– Steven Levitt, Co-author of Freakonomics